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Pilgrimage Recap 2023

Holy Boulders Competition Hosted by the ICA.


The Illinois Climbers Association owns and manages the Holy Boulders and the newly acquired House Boulders. This annual competition helps the ICA to raise funds to ensure access to future generations while testing your skills on some of the finest boulders in the country.  

Competition Registration



  • Meal ticket and beer ticket (21+) included

  • Entrance to Holy Boulders Bouldering Competition

  • Camping (Friday & Saturday)

  • After Party with the Swamp Tigers

  • Competitor t-shirt

  • HB hooded sweatshirts are available through pre-order only.

    • Please order yours when purchasing your ticket! Hoodies WILL NOT be available at the comp.

Women's Categories

○ Beginner (V0-V2)
○ Intermediate (V3-V4)
○ Advanced (V5-V6)
○ Elite (V7+)

Men's Categories

○ Beginner (V0-V2)
○ Intermediate (V3-V4)
○ Advanced (V5-V7)
○ Elite (V8+)


○ Stonemaster - Ages 40-49
○ Crusty Stone master- 50+
○ Circuitmaster - Most Cumulative Points
○ Youth - Female- Ages 13 and under
○ Youth - Male- Ages 13 and under

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