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Meet the Board

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Doug Rothe


I was introduced to climbing in 1999, on vacation in the Tetons, Moab, City of Rocks, etc. In 2003 I was introduced to Jackson Falls and the climbing in Southern Illinois. I have made many friends, and enjoyed many great adventures. I joined the ICA board in 2017 to give time back to an activity and area that I value greatly.

Dave Hug

Stewardship Director

Climbing and my time spent on the rock has greatly influenced my life and what I have pursued personally and professionally. I owe a debt of gratitude to the local crags and climbing community of Illinois. I am thrilled to have spent over a decade serving the ICA where I have helped to protect and shape the future of the amazing Illinois crags while working with the community to create stewardship ethics for the next generation. 


Patrick Soule


I started my humbling adventure into climbing in 2010 in a suburban gym. After being introduced to outdoor climbing there was no going back; I moved to southern Illinois and let climbing change my life. Now I’m impelled to protect the future of climbing for everyone to enjoy and be inspired.

Mimi Harzan


Mimi learned to climb on vertical crimps at Smith Rock, OR. She moved to Carbondale IL in 2019. After a humbling learning curve, has fallen in love with the steep and slopey climbing here. Mimi is excited to be involved with the community and stewardship of these amazing climbing areas in Illinois.


David Quinney

Social Media Director

David began climbing at 15 in a small gym in Chicago. He moved to Southern Illinois for college in 2008. He immediately fell in love with all the climbing in the area. Primarily a boulderer he spent most of his time falling onto a crash pad, but can occasionally be talked into getting on a rope. David currently resides in St. Louis, but makes frequent trips to the area to climb and enjoy an area he holds deeply close to his heart.

Miranda Soule


Miranda started climbing on plastic in Chicago in 2009. Within a year she took a trip to Jackson Falls and couldn't believe how much climbing potential there was in Southern IL. She moved to the area in 2013 and became obsessed with the quality sandstone. Miranda has been working with the ICA board since 2018 and is happy to give back to the community for an area that means so much to her.

Phillip Carrier

Site Steward

Climbing has played a formative and immensely important role in my life from the very beginning when I started climbing as a kid with my dad at Giant City. 


I am proud to be able to give back to the climbers and climbing areas of Illinois by serving on the ICA board. My passions revolve around crag infrastructure and include strategic planning, route development, anchor maintenance, and trail stewardship. 

Noah Scalero

Back in 2015, a college friend asked me to go bouldering. I had no idea what that was. I spent the day barely getting myself off the ground, but I was hooked! 8 years later and I've fallen in love with the many forms of climbing  and with the beautiful spaces and people that I get to share it with. I'm passionate about protecting climbing in Illinois so that others can enjoy it for many years to come. 

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Claire Watson


I started my climbing journey at an indoor gym in St. Louis, where I appreciated the community, problem solving, and focus that come along with the sport. After my introduction to outdoor climbing, at Jackson Falls in 2016, I became engrossed with getting outside as much as possible. Splitting my time between Missouri and Illinois, my outdoor interests have expanded to include gardening and foraging as well. I'm passionate about preserving the uniquely beautiful climbing areas in Illinois to ensure others can find community and passion here too. 

Morgan Kruse

I was introduced to climbing back in 2018 and was immediately drawn to the sport. Southern Illinois is where I started my climbing and over the last six years, I have fallen in love with the community of climbers and this area. I am so excited to be able to give back to a community and organization that has done so much for me. 

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